GPS for Mobile Phones

The St Joseph’s Camino Salvado pilgrimage traverses areas that are as remote as they are beautiful. Pilgrims will be supplied with maps for each day but we recommend that you increase the fun and reduce any chances of getting lost, if you get separated from the group, by converting your mobile phone to a simple-to-use GPS device before you start. Email us for an electronic copy (GPX) of the track to go with it.

OsmAnd is a map application for Android mobile phones and I-Phones that can store maps for offline use.

Most Android mobile phones work well with this app. It will be great if you manage to get yours operating for the pilgrimage and also for any future walks / rides / drives.

The map way-points for the pilgrimage have been developed on MapMyHike, and saved to a GPX file. This GPX file will be emailed to you for import to OsmAnd if you send us a request by email.

To set up your mobile phone:
• Download the OsmAnd app from the Google Store or iTunes Store.
• Import the Whole of Australia map
• Request the pilgrimage .GPX file from us
• Open the email with the GPX file via your phone.
• Click on the attachment.
• A meaningless list of code will appear. Ignore it
• Click on the small icon on the top right. It will ask you which app to upload the attachment to.
• Select OsmAnd. The file will load automatically.

GPS can use a lot of battery. The GPS component is power hungry but judicious use can extend the operating time for the whole day. Turn the mobile onto flight mode so that the GPS does not try to use the mobile network to find your GPS position

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