Seven Days Overview


DAY ONE – Sunday
St Josephs Subiaco to St Charles Seminary

Day one departs Subiaco at 9.00am after 8.00 am Mass at St Joseph’s and The Blessing. The route takes you through the Perth CBD via Hay Street. It passes the major churches in the City and into East Perth at Claisebrook and onto the Swan river foreshore. From here it meanders along the river via Maylands and Bayswater into Guildford. 18 kms

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DAY TWO – Monday
Guildford Seminary to Walyunga National Park

Here the journey moves out of the city and into the countryside through the vineyards of the Swan Valley to a lunch stop at the WA Equestrian Centre. You cross the bridge over the majestic power of Bells Rapids and follow a rough foot path north to the Walyunga National Park. 23 kms

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DAY THREE – Tuesday
Walyunga National Park to Lower Chittering

The trail through Walyunga National Park is hilly, and there are some stunning views back to the City where you started out only a couple of days ago – or was it weeks? Leaving the park you cross through farm land to connect with the Lower Chittering Valley and tarmacadam! Then it’s winding roads and gentle hills for the rest of the day. Walyunga contains one of the largest known Aboriginal campsites around Perth and was still in use by the Nyoongar people late last century. The area has been used as a meeting place for more than 6000 years. Walyunga is an Aboriginal name, but its meaning is uncertain – some say: ‘Happy Place’. 23kms


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DAY FOUR – Wednesday
The Lower Chittering to Julimar Forest

Ascend the hill behind Peace Be Still, past the Labyrinth, and enjoy the trail through the Moondyne Reserve to Moondyne Road and then Keating Road to the start of the Julimar Forest. If the weather is bad, an alternative Pilgrim Trail goes through the Moondyne Reserve further to the east. 21kms.

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DAY FIVE – Thursday
Julimar Forest

Follow a trail through the mixed Wandoo and Jarrah trees of the Julimar State Forest. Experience the wide open farmland on one side and the glories of Julimar Forest on the other. It’s full of bird life, orchids and other wild flowers in August and September. Enjoy. Approx 26kms

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DAY SIX – Friday
Off the beaten track

Permission has to be obtained from local landowners for this section as the Trail goes through agricultural areas where, at this time of year, lambing happens and crop spraying may be in progress. The walk takes you through glorious scenery where native orchids lie hidden in the bush,and there are glimpses of some iconic landmarks. 26kms.

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Deep Space Telescope

DAY SEVEN – Saturday
Old Plains Road to New Norcia

The final day follows along Old Plains Road until it meets the Great Northern Highway 5kms south of New Norcia. It’s a beautiful day’s walking and there is a fantastic view of the Deep Space Telescope in the foothills to the west, just after lunch. This year we may be avoiding the Highway by taking a new route into New Norcia from the east – new by-pass permitting. This adds a few kilometers but avoids fighting for road space with road trains! Well done: you’ve completed your Camino. Enjoy sung vespers at 6.30pm. 28kms

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